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          Stories are so important for small businesses.

They change the way we act, think, and feel. They capture our imaginations and inspire us like nothing else and we'd like you to be a part of ours.

What We're About?

While we're on the move to find that perfect spot for our first location, we are exclusively catering to some great people all over GTA at the moment. 


You can expect Chai & Co. to be a place where you can hang out, relax and have a great time with your friends, family and like minded people. 


Whether its an after dinner thing with your family, or you're with friends craving some Hot Karak Chai, we’d love to have you over!


Chai & Co. will be a place where you can discuss interesting things, create bonds and build friendships. So when you feel like going someplace that feels welcoming, a place that will cater to your every foodie craving, be it mouth watering bun kebabs or toasty masala chai, there is no where better than Chai & Co. 


Come and say hello, your day will be better for it!




We'd Love To Hear From You...

Tell us a little about your event so we can begin the creation process

Tel: 416-857-6615  |  Email:


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